Smith Pak Working Dogs

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5 month old Whiskey and Wesson - The last two of the Titan and Biba litters. Both are working on their explosive detection training

While on a job at Comic Con in San Diego - Our Explosives Detection Dog caught the heart of Patrick Stewart. He appears in the video above around :22 seconds in.

Francis came to us very uniquely. He was dumped in the woods in Colville, WA. Our rescue
Smith Pak Foundation agreed to take him, to our surprise he was an awesome dog. Francis has high play, ball, and hunt drive. We quickly took all of that energy and put him to work. We spent months imprinting Explosive Odors on Francis.

Francis now has an awesome life, working daily, going on jobs, handlers that adore him and famous stars who think he is amazing…Francis also won the hearts of Kristen Bell and Scarlett Johansson while we were at Comic Con!

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Smith Pak Working Dogs is a full service K-9 company in Spokane, Washington that specializes in the training, utilization and purveyance of a variety of professional working dogs, single and dual purpose dogs, personal and executive protection dogs.

Since, Smith Pak Working Dogs breeds their own dogs, all dogs are tested to determine the appropriate path of training and development. The dogs will be trained for working, sport, service, or family pets.

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