Smith Pak Working Dogs

Our Detection Dogs

Our Explosive Detection Dogs

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Zyler Vom Smith Pak
Certified Patrol Tracking

Hrot Zo Ziaru

Kimber Vom Smith Pak


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Zaylee Vom Smith Pak

Wesson Vom Smith Pak

Whiskey Vom Smith Pak

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Quinn od Hradcanskeho Rybnika
Certified Patrol Tracking

Our Narcotic Detection Dogs

Garp od Hradcanskeho Rybnika
Certified Patrol Tracking

Yarma Vom Smith Pak

Bibaa Zo Ziaru

Xavier Vom Smith Pak

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Zorro Vom Smith Pak

Zuri Vom Smith Pak

Zango Vom Smith Pak

Our Handlers and Dogs are Certified K9 Teams for the following organizations.

All of our Narcotic Detection work is in the Private sector for Drug Rehabilitation Facilities, Private Residences, Commercial Companies and Buildings, Hotels, Halfway houses and Vehicle Auctions.

All of our Explosives Detection work has been for companies including Garrison & Sloan, 7th Shield, Active K9, Scentworks K9, Global Protection Group and many other smaller companies.

Our resume includes events and searches such as NFL Games, NBA Games, NHL Games, Coachella, Day N Vegas, movie sets in Washington and Montana, San Diego Comic Con, and Holland America, Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruise lines.