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Seminars and Education

ASCT Instructor available at your location for re-certification, handler courses, problem solving, advanced training, and continued education.

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The Canine Brain Class

Dates TBD
The Canine Brain Class offers you insight into how the canine brain works, how to look at things from your dogs perspective, teaches you problem solving, answers behavioral questions, the best way to train and interact with your dog, and what language your dog speaks.

We help you to understand how you as a human affect your dogs natural instincts and how important play is as part of your training process.
This class is a 2 Day - 16 Hour Class with a Certificate of Completion.

Written Examination must be passed to complete the course and receive your certification

K9 Handler Course

October 7th - October 25th 2024
The Program: All are Welcome Regardless of Experience

This class is meant to help anyone who wants to learn more on a deeper level, regarding canine detection and tracking.

This course will include:
Caged Mind and Housing Methodology
Canine Drives
Problem Solving
Memories and Modifications
Neurochemicals effect on Behavior
Bacterial Signatures
Psychology of Fear
Psychology of Aggression
Stages of Rest and Stress
Chronobiology Measures of Behavior
Ethology of a K9
Ethological Trend
This is a 10-15 day class - With a K9 Handler Certification from ASCT when completed - Without a Dog you will receive a K9 Handler Certification - With a Dog you will receive a K9 Team Certification - Certifications will depend on practical ability

Written and Practical Examinations must be passed to complete the course and receive your certification

Advanced Canine Brain Class

This class is a 1/2 Day - 4 Hour Class with a Certificate of Completion.

There is no written exam
*You must complete the Canine Brain Class prior to attending this class
These classes are beneficial for all trainers, dog owners, groomers, rescues, fosters, kennel staff and veterinary assistant/technicians.

K9 Advanced Handler Course

October 21-25, 2024
You must have completed, passed and certified the Basic Handler Course, before you can attend the Advanced Handler Course

These classes are taught by ASCT Instructor and Certified Master K9 Trainer - Monique Smith

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