Smith Pak Working Dogs

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Smith Pak Working Dogs depends on many well renowned individuals in the world to acquire and develop our breeding program. All dogs are owned by Smith Pak and are not fostered or kept at other facilities. All dogs are selectively bred, individually tested, imported canines from the best working dog lines in the world. They are prescreened and hand selected by management. This enables us to offer a higher quality working dog. Each dog is maintained in peak condition and comes with a comprehensive health record compiled by a veterinarian that includes X-rays, blood work, microchip and vaccinations.


We are at the forefront of dog training methodology using innovative techniques to develop stable, confident, productive working dogs for narcotics detection, security, and protection. We are constantly updating training techniques, utilizing the finest European and US consultants. Our experienced professionals utilize proven training techniques to provide top dogs for tough jobs.


At Smith Pak, we pride ourselves on quality personnel. We employ only certified professionals with the knowledge and capability to instruct according to our high training standards. Our trainers have extensive K9 training and handling experience. Smith Pak trainers specialize in the skill of pairing top-quality working dogs with student K9 handlers to ensure a strong and proficient team.

Our Certified Master K9 Trainers offer over 25 years of experience that includes Veterinary Medicine, Military K9 Handling, Animal Nutrition, Physiology, and Psychology, Honorably Discharged Explosive K9 Handling, Kennel Mastery, Military experience across multiple branches, and In Country Explosives Handling.


We are located within the 10 acre facility of Grape House Vineyards. We can house up to 28 dogs in our kennel and training facility. We have a customized whelping room, grooming facilities, full agility and training course, tracking fields and scent detection areas.
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Front Training Area in Front of the 3.5 Acre Vineyard

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Side Training Yard

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Vineyard looking up to the training facility

The Driveway into the Facility

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Back Field and Tracking Area

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The Training Facility