Smith Pak Working Dogs


Smith Pak Working Dogs depends on many well renowned individuals in the world to acquire and develop our breeding program. All dogs are owned by Smith Pak and are not fostered or kept at other facilities. All dogs are selectively bred, individually tested, imported canines from the best working dog lines in the world. They are prescreened and hand selected by management. This enables us to offer a higher quality working dog. Each dog is maintained in peak condition and comes with a comprehensive health record compiled by a veterinarian that includes X-rays, blood work, microchip and vaccinations.


We are at the forefront of dog training methodology using innovative techniques to develop stable, confident, productive working dogs for narcotics, explosive, cadaver and bed bug detection, security, and protection. We are constantly updating training techniques, utilizing the finest European and US consultants. Our experienced professionals utilize proven training techniques to provide top dogs for tough jobs.


At Smith Pak, we pride ourselves on quality personnel. We employ only certified professionals with the knowledge and capability to instruct according to our high training standards. Our trainers have extensive K9 training and handling experience. Smith Pak trainers specialize in the skill of pairing top-quality working dogs with student K9 handlers to ensure a strong and proficient team.

Our Certified K9 Instructors and Trainers offer over 25 years of experience that includes Veterinary Medicine, Animal Nutrition, Physiology, and Psychology, and Kennel Mastery. All of our Instructors, Trainers and Handlers are Certified K9 Handling teams through ASCT.

We follow very strict certifying regulations and standards and all of the teams are required to meet and/or exceed those standards on a regular basis.

We are offering K9 Handling Courses if you have ever wanted to learn to be and Certify as a K9 Handler. We offer evaluations on your own existing dog or the ability to bond, train and use our dogs here at the kennel.

Our jobs include Port of Seattle, Various Cruise Lines, Garrison and Sloan, Days N Vegas, Movie Sets, Coachella, Stagecoach, San Diego Comic Con, Railroad Car and Environs Explosive searches, Department Stores, Children's Camps, Hotels, Motels, Educational Facility Narcotic searches, private home and business searches and many more.


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Monique Smith
Certified Master K9 Trainer, Certified Explosives and Narcotics K9 Handler, DLE Certifying Official, ASCT Instructor, Certified Patrol Tracker

Monique Smith is the Owner, Instructor, and K9 Handler of Smith Pak Working Dogs. Monique attended Veterinary Technician School and completed her Internship with Jerry Ponti of Ponti Veterinary Hospital.

Monique also attended Washington State University studying Animal Sciences. Monique completed Dog Obedience and Training from Penn Foster and furthered her education by becoming a Certified Master K9 Trainer from Canada West Canine Center.

After attending LHU, Monique completed her Bachelors in Canine Behavior Science, Summa Cum Laude and is currently finishing her Masters in Canine Behavior Science.

Monique has also trained with world renowned trainers and experts, which has expanded on her already existing education in dog psychology and behaviors. Monique has a love for German Shepherds, she currently has many german shepherds ranging from newborn to 10 years. Monique and her husband Dave have had German Shepherds their entire relationship together, over 23 years.

All of Monique's German Shepherds have one or more specialties in Protection, Tracking, Scent Detection (Narcotics and Explosives), Obedience, Agility, Confirmation or they are retired.

Monique creates and develops training plans for individual dogs. She makes sure that all dogs are succeeding in their training plans. Monique enjoys working on business development, creative education, business growth, website, marketing and social media.

Monique works in the field as a Certified Explosive and Narcotics K9 Handler and continues to pursue other business opportunities and community development and education pertaining to Narcotics and Explosives Detection needs. As an Instructor for American Society of Canine Trainers, she certifies and trains K9 Handlers through in class settings and practical applications.

Her big passion is in the development and training of K9 Handlers as dynamic working teams. Teaching and instructing is a passion she has and highly enjoys.
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Dave Smith
Certified Explosives K9 Handler and Certified Narcotics K9 Handler

Dave is the Co-Owner and K9 Handler for Smith Pak Working Dogs.  

Dave has completed his Basic Handler course with ASCT and excelled in both the written and practical exams.

Dave has a love for German Shepherds and his main Explosive Detection dog is 3 yr old Whiskey.
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Makyla Carney
Certified Explosives K9 Handler and Certified Narcotics K9 Handler, ASCT Trainer, Certified Patrol Tracker

Makyla has extensive experience in the animal world. She has worked with horses for over 16 years. She took to dog training naturally.

Makyla has recently enrolled in school to receive and complete her Bachelors in Animal Science. She will have a specialty in Equine Studies and Animal Care and Training.

Makyla has attended and passed her ASCT Basic Handler Course with excellent scores in her written and practical exams. She is one of the ASCT Trainers in the Pacific Northwest.  She holds certifications with DLE - Dogs for Law Enforcement.

Makyla is the Head Trainer for Board and Trains and the Working Dog Program. She oversees all of the detection work and Tracking. She prepares all of the dogs for their testing and certifications, she has certified with many of the dogs she has trained. She maintains all of the training records and implements all of the dogs training plans.

Makyla also begins all of the Behavior Modification Board and Trains and helps create their overall training plans, their progress reports and their 90 day go home plans.

Makyla is an invaluable asset to the company, the dogs and the dogs owners.
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We are located within the 10 acre facility of Smith Pak Farms. We can house up to 90 dogs in our kennel and training facility. We have a customized whelping room, grooming facilities, full agility and training course, tracking fields and scent detection areas.
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